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How and where can I buy FOXITY tickets?

The safest way is to buy your tickets on this website, thanks to the secure payment method offered by FOXITY.
Otherwise, you can visit :
AGENCE FRANCE TOURISME, located au Louvre (6, rue de l'Amiral de Coligny 75001 PARIS)
FRANCE TOURISME AGENCY, located near de Notre-Dame (33, Quai des Grands Augustins 75006 PARIS)
DeparturePoints of the City Tours, from there you can buy tickets for all our tours, subject to availability.

What do I do with the exchange vouchers received by email?

If you buy your tickets on our website, a document will be sent to the email address given at the time of booking within maximum 24h, confirming your payment and your booking for a given tour. In order to do your tour you simply need to show the document at the shop or directly on board the bus. Please note, you may be asked to show some ID to check your name and any right you may have to a concessionary price.
Don’t forget to print the exchange voucher and to take it with you as you will need it in order to board the bus !

How do I choose the language of the commentary ?

All along the FOXITY tour commentary is available in 9 languages, through individual headphones provided free of charge to passengers: you just need to select the language you require on the box provided, once on board the bus. No pre-selection is required.

Is it necessary to book a seat for children ?

We ask you to book a seat for all passengers, including accompanied children under the age of 12, in order that they also have a seat reserved on the top deck.
However, and for safety reasons, we ask parents to hold young children under the age of 4 on their laps, if they wish to do the tour with them. However, we draw your attention to the fact that this tour is not necessarily suitable for very young children.
No child under 12, unaccompanied by an adult, will be accepted on board, even if he/she has a valid ticket.

What safety measures are taken on board ?

All passengers must fasten the seat belt provided. Passengers must not move around the vehicle, stand up or use the stairs during the tour. Please note that if these rules are not respected, action may be taken against the passenger concerned !
Similarly, of course, nothing must be thrown outside the bus...

How does the “Bus & Boat” bus tour combined with the Vedettes de Paris work ?

On the FOXITY website you can buy a combined product, at a reduced price: 2 exchange vouchers will be sent to you by email. The FOXITY ticket specifies the date and time of the selected tour and the Vedettes de Paris ticket is open: you can take a cruise on the day and at the time you choose (subject of course to availability), within 2 days following the date of your FOXITY tour. You simply need to present yourself at the boats’ embarkation point, and exchange your voucher.

Are animals allowed on board the buses ?

No animals, not even small pets, are allowed on board the buses. Only guide dogs may board, subject to prior booking.

Is it possible to get off the bus during the tour ?


La descente en cours de circuit n'est autorisée qu'à l'un des 4 arrêts prévus. Si vous possédez un PASS, vous pouvez monter et descendre autant que vous le souhaitez pendant 1 jour, si vous avez opté pour un Circuit CITY TOUR Classique, toute descente est définitive.